The New York Post reports that on Super Tuesday, MSNBC’s progressive women’s roundtable got a big laugh out of exit polls showing that illegal immigration was the top priority for GOP voters in Virginia.

Former Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki laughingly insisted that she lives in Virginia and there’s no problem. Joy Reid called the poll proof that Republicans are racist.

Rachel Maddow mockingly quipped, “I guess Virginia does have a border with West Virginia.”

Maddow’s snarky comment will no doubt overtake the 50 year-old legend of a similar clueless remark on the media elite by New Yorker writer Pauline Kael who reportedly said in 1972, “I don’t understand how Nixon won the election. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

Nixon won 49 states.

Maddow and her friends clearly missed the latest data from Gallup in February which found that immigration is now at the top of the list of critical problems cited by Americans. Or perhaps the MSNBC girls are just getting their information on what is going on at the border from the Texas media.

The Texas press has pretended for years that concerns about the border are simply a trumped up talking point for Republicans designed to incite fear into voters and demonize people who are looking for a better life. The culprits they target most frequently are Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

For the Texas press, describing 5,000 to 10,000 people crossing the border every day as an “invasion” is a crime against humanity. Actual crimes against humanity on the Texas border, including rape trees displaying the underwear of sexual assault victims and sex trafficking of minors, don’t get as much play.

Although it’s big national news, I don’t recall seeing many Texas media reports about the hundreds of terrorists who have been detained at the border or the thousands of Chinese who are coming over now. The Texas media has also ignored thousands of criminal illegal aliens who have been entering Texas though the southern border for years. The press treats them as a figment of former President Donald Trump’s imagination.

After the primary election on Tuesday, the Texas media was as stunned as the women on MSNBC when nearly a dozen House GOP incumbents they thought were too big a deal to fail fell to Republicans who were backed by Gov. Abbott. All over the state, candidates backed by Abbott and Patrick defeated longtime incumbents.

Abbott asked voters to elect representatives who would not give an inch to Democrats, and voters listened to him—because they know the Democrats are responsible for the tragedy that has been happening at the border since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The Texas media belittled then-candidate Trump in 2016 when he brought the issue of the border into the national conversation. They stepped up attacks on Abbott for beefing up security at the border and establishing Operation Lone Star. They also attacked Patrick who stood by his election promise to appropriate millions—and ultimately billions—to substantially increase the manpower of the Department of Public Safety at the border.

Of course, if some border politician criticized Abbott, the Texas media was all over that. But even when Trump flipped several solid blue counties to red in South Texas, the Texas media failed to connect the dots.

When Abbott sent illegal migrants to the big blue cities, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post finally reported what the Texas press refused to investigate—what happens to a city or a state when it is overrun with a constant influx of new immigrants in need of virtually everything. What happens when crime skyrockets? What happens when people’s land and homes become migrant stopovers? How do hospitals, schools and other public services keep up?

The Texas press remains mostly silent on the border. Still, not only has immigration become the top issue for Americans, but polls show for the first time that a majority of Americans now support building a border wall.

Of course, school choice was also a critical issue in Texas’ Super Tuesday, but a strong majority of Texans have supported a parent’s right to choose the best school for their child for at least a decade. The Texas media refused to cover that story too. They opted for helping the teachers unions block reforms, rather than writing about parents whose children are trapped in failing public schools.

Abbott’s firm stand on school choice will be transformational for the future of the state, but he was able to win that battle because he bused migrants north and called the bluff of sanctuary cities. He exposed them as simply sanctimonious cities and showed America the truth about what is going on at the southern border.    

He got no help from the people who are supposed to tell these stories—the Texas media—but most Americans get it now… except those women at MSNBC.