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“We met with several of the Mexican consuls here in Dallas, as well as 11 Mexican consuls from across the state. In partnership, we will be putting together informational and townhalls across the state to educate our community about the impact of that Senate Bill four.”

That is a quote from a Democrat state representative admitting to colluding with the Mexican government to undermine and attack a new Texas law addressing illegal immigration.

SB 4, which should be signed by Governor Abbott soon, allows state and local authorities to arrest migrants illegally crossing in between official ports of entry. You’d be forgiven for asking yourself why we don’t already have a law like that on the books.

The law is a necessary and reasonable response to the failure of the Biden administration to protect the border, leading to historic levels of illegal immigration and devastating effects on border communities. Not content to just abdicate its responsibility, the administration has also sued Texas to stop the state from protecting its own border.

Now it appears Texas will also have to contend with its own politicians conspiring with a foreign government to turn the very communities the law is aimed at protecting against it. Worse, as the Mexican government has transformed into a state-cartel syndicate, it means Texas Democrats will be effectively working to further the agenda of the drug cartels.

Perhaps blinding them to the reality that they’re being used as pawns by the cartels is that these fear-mongering propaganda sessions they dub ’informational townhalls’ will make a great cover for political organizing events in an election year.

What better way to distract from the catastrophic damage Biden’s border policies have caused than lobbing some heavy racial doomsday accusations at political opponents.