Brett L. Tolman

Brett L. Tolman is the executive director for Right on Crime. He was a leading figure in the drafting and passage of the First Step Act, one of the most sweeping reforms of the federal criminal justice system in decades. Prior to entering private practice, Tolman was appointed by President George Bush in 2006 as the United States Attorney for the District of Utah and held that office for nearly 4 years from 2006-2009. In 2009 he handled the prosecution of Brian David Mitchell, the alleged kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart.

Criminal Justice

Tennessee Leaders Define Conservative Criminal Justice Reform

Where use of incarceration is concerned, thoughtful criminal justice advocates tend to draw a distinction between those to be “scared of” versus others “we are mad at.” This makes sense. Conservative leaders in Tennessee, led by Gov. Bill Lee, are enacting policies that recognize this distinction in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the state’s criminal justice system.  The 2021 Tennessee...

May 13, 2021