Erin Davis Valdez

Erin Davis Valdez is an education policy director at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. She has been passionate about the transformational power of education all her life, having been given the gift of being homeschooled. She taught for over a decade in Austin-area schools and served as an assistant principal at a charter school in Lewisville. These experiences have given her the opportunity to see first-hand how students can thrive when they have excellent options.

K-12 Education

The ‘Quiet Revolution’ of Classical Charter Schools is Making Some Noise

The Washington Post’s pearl-clutching over classical education is especially ironic because the newspaper’s oh-so-progressive motto—“Democracy Dies in Darkness”—demonstrates the relevance: A complete education includes a foundation in the Western traditions that gave us democracy in the first place. The Post contends that classical charter schools “push limits on separation of church, state” (again, a concept...

June 9, 2023

Easing Unemployment Requirements Isn’t the Answer – Restarting the Economy Is

More than 35 state representatives say Texas shouldn’t check whether applicants are actually unemployed before granting unemployment benefits. They have written a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Workforce Commission “requesting they temporarily suspend unemployment certifications in hopes of making better use of resources.” According to one of the letter’s authors, state Rep. Michelle Beckley, D-Carrollton,...

June 2, 2020