Grace Watson


Will Effective Border Policies Continue?

Following the drastic spike in migrant apprehensions along the U.S. southwestern border early last year, the federal government implemented measures resulting in an equally steep decrease of unauthorized entries into the country. These measures demonstrated their effectiveness in securing the border and deterring illegal migration—which enhances the safety of not only American residents, but also that of that of thousands of migrants who undertake such dangerous journeys and land in the hands of human smugglers and traffickers. However—and while...

July 21, 2020

The Days the Border Stood Still: Slowed Migration During Coronavirus

Almost nothing has remained immune from the global COVID-19 pandemic—including international transit. Countless plans have been canceled due to travel restrictions imposed by nations across the world as a result of the coronavirus. But legitimate international travel is not the only kind that has been affected. Migratory routes utilized by those who enter the United States illegally are experiencing...

May 19, 2020