Mandy Drogin

Mandy Drogin is one of the top education reform leaders in Texas with experience managing grassroots, marketing, election and legislative campaigns. Prior to joining TPPF she was at the American Federation for Children for nearly eight years where she served as the State Director for the past three years and helped make important gains in Texas. She has a talent for organizing complex coalitions and factions, motivating people, understanding and communicating policy, image and branding, and running campaign teams.


K-12 Education

Is the Sky Really Falling? Fact-Checking Claims about Parent Empowerment

Doom! That’s what Democrats and their allies in the media predict if Texas lawmakers empower parents to make the key decisions in their children’s educations. An “astroturf” group (that means fake grassroots) says parent empowerment is “morally unacceptable,” will replace Texas public education with “Christian Nationalism & Religious Fundamentalism,” and ultimately it’s all “designed to...

August 15, 2022