Matthew Festa

South Texas College of Law Professor Matthew Festa teaches and researches in the areas of property law and land use, state and local government, energy and environmental law, trusts and estates, legal history, and national security law. His scholarship focuses on the relation between property rights and public control in land use planning and government regulation; on the role of property rights in constitutional law and history; and on property and the rule of law in contemporary international affairs.

Professor Festa joined the South Texas College of Law Houston faculty in 2007, after serving as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Georgia School of Law.

Local Government

Easing Texas Housing Affordability Through State Legislation

In our constitutional system, individuals have rights and governments have certain powers to protect those rights and to promote the common good. When local regulation unduly interferes with individual property rights, it is appropriate for the sovereign state government to act. From exceptionally high lot-size regulations to impossible land setback requirements, and other overly-burdensome constraints,...

January 30, 2023