Melissa Ford Maldonado

Melissa Ford is the policy director for the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Secure & Sovereign Texas campaign, which strives to keep our nation safe and free. Melissa’s work and expertise is focused on policies that secure the border and restore the rule of law as we fix and improve legal immigration to the United States. Melissa writes about foreign policy, public safety, drug cartels, and organized crime.


One Country Is Suspiciously Missing From The State Department’s Latest Corruption List

In late July, the U.S. State Department presented a report to Congress which added nearly 40 individuals from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, including former presidents, judges, and other public figures to this year’s list of “corrupt and undemocratic actors.” Yet strangely enough, our close neighbor, Mexico—which ranks among the top five most corrupt countries globally—remains absent from...

September 14, 2023
Foreign Policy

Mexican Military Hack Deepens Suspicions of Cartel Collusion in Politics

Since President Joe Biden took office, he has prioritized strengthening relations with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Biden has called the Mexican leader a “friend and partner,” proclaimed his “great respect” for him and often touted their “strong and productive relationship.” AMLO, as the Mexican president is commonly called, successfully campaigned on promises to pacify the...

October 14, 2022

‘Hugs, not bullets’ won’t end lawlessness in Mexico

Last week, journalist Hector de Mauleon published a column revealing alleged classified cables claiming the state of Tamaulipas’s governor-elect, Americo Villarreal, received up to $7 million from the Mexican gang Cartel del Noreste to finance his political campaign. To no one’s surprise, Villarreal is denying these allegations. However, accusations of cartel collusion are common in Mexican politics — and...

October 3, 2022