Tanner Aliff

Tanner Aliff is the Policy Director for the Right on Healthcare at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The bulk of his research efforts are spent on developing reforms addressing price transparency, restructuring incentives for hospital community benefits, provider network contracting, expanding telehealth access, care delivery models, and improving the utility of electronic health records. Before joining TPPF, he worked as the Cicero Institute’s Healthcare Policy Manager, Research Fellow for the Office of Congressman Mark Green, and a Constant Observer at Providence Health. Tanner has also assisted in the research endeavors of both the Heritage Foundation’s Domestic Policy Studies and the Charles Koch Institute.

Tanner has also been quoted in Fox News and Bloomberg.

Health Care

Rising health care reformer charts a path for young professionals and policy reforms

America needs health care innovation and principled policy reform more than ever. Rising costs, sicker patients, and doctor shortages plague an overburdened and needlessly complicated system. Patients fear rising insurance premiums and astronomical medical bills. Crippling, top-down regulations imposed by broken laws, poor bureaucrat interpretation, and special interest lobbying prevent doctors from giving patients the...

October 11, 2023