Health Care

Americans can be entitled or free — but not both

  No matter the headlines about tax cuts, immigration controversies, or foreign threats, the top priority for Americans remains health care. People can’t get care when they need it and most struggle to afford health care costs, both insurance premiums and out-of-pocket copayments. The latest so-called crisis in health care is about work requirements for Medicaid recipients. Supporters say these obligations...

February 18, 2018
Health Care

ObamaCare ‘navigators’ are out, but its oppressive mandates are still here

  Is Washington’s plan to gut the Affordable Care Act’s navigator program a proper cost-cutting measure, or a politically motivated attack on ObamaCare? Probably both. ObamaCare is monumentally, incomprehensibly complex. The ACA organizational chart makes the Los Angeles freeway system look simple. With more than 10 million words in the first round of regulations, and thousands of changes since then, understanding...

September 28, 2017