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Black Lives Matter and the Green Movement are Incompatible

Recent fatal encounters between African Americans and police officers have focused new attention on the recurring issue of institutional racism affecting Black communities. Among the inequalities that have been brought into question, “environmental injustice” has been at the forefront. It has compelled environmental advocacy groups to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement; however,...

July 14, 2020
Energy & Environment

Fact-free fearmongering: Don’t believe new trumped-up fossil fuel ‘death’ statistics

A recent study in the Cardiovascular Research journal trumpeted a staggering claim: According to new calculations, more than 3.6 million people died in 2015 as a result of air pollution from fossil fuels. The problem? It’s blatantly untrue. The scientists and media outlets perpetuating this 3.6 million myth aren’t the first to fall for the anti-fossil fuel movement’s statistical shell...

March 22, 2020