When it comes to homelessness, Austin continues to follow in California’s failed footsteps

On Aug. 27, Austin launched a campaign called, “a week of action to support ending homelessness.”  It admittedly sounds wonderful… something around which all should be able to coalesce.  Instead, we should heed the lesson from Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Austin’s efforts to address its spiraling homelessness crisis are clothed in...

September 8, 2020
K-12 Education

Trump is giving schools tools to reopen, and they must do so for children’s sake

School supply lists are an annual tradition; parents know that every August, they’ll start filling backpacks with pencils and paper and three-ring binders. This year is different: It includes masks, hand sanitizer, and an awful lot of uncertainty. That uncertainty isn’t good for families. For our children’s sake, we must reopen schools for in-person learning. President Trump’s...

August 13, 2020