Higher Education

University of California strike is massive example of how Golden State problems are warning to rest of nation

Once again, California is showing us the future — and it’s wracked with labor strife, high prices, government bloat and abject failure. And nowhere is this more apparent than in California’s government education system. Some 48,000 unionized graduate student workers at 10 University of California campuses went on strike three weeks ago, demanding “significantly higher wages, expanded childcare...

December 1, 2022

California Shows What Happens When Nobody Checks The Administrative State: Everything Burns Down

In California, the embarrassing disconnect between the state’s whole-of-government approach in the fight against climate change versus the smoking reality of spectacular failure is seen where it counts: in the real world. A Wall Street Journal editorial on Oct. 23 cited a University of California study finding that California’s 2020 wildfire emissions “were two times higher than...

October 26, 2022