Public Safety

Will Defund The Police Lead To Federal And National Guard Patrols In Big Cities?

Violent crime is mounting in America. Many reasons—excuses, mostly—have been proffered for this: COVID-19 lockdowns, unemployment, the Defund the Police movement and its budgetary fruits, largely tolerated urban looting and rioting, police reluctance to enforce the law in high-crime areas for fear of being accused of civil rights violations, and soft-on-crime leftist prosecutors. The ramifications...

August 10, 2021
Election Integrity

Texas Democrats’ voting rights stunt finds them rapidly losing ground in DC, Lone Star State

Texas House Democrats continue their quorum-busting, COVID-19-spreading walkout in Washington, D.C. as they take their public relations disaster to the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday morning in a hearing bearing the ominous title of “Democracy in Danger: The Assault on Voting Rights in Texas.” Texas Democrats fled to D.C. to stall Republican efforts to pass a...

July 29, 2021
Energy & Environment

As California Exports Blackouts To Nearby States, Will Texas Avoid The Same Fate?

California’s electric grid operator declared a “Flex Alert” Friday morning, showing all that mandated solar and wind power can’t reliably keep the lights on in California. California’s politically driven renewable energy mandates are likely to cause more blackouts this summer outside of California after a remarkable ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that allows California to hijack...

July 12, 2021
Energy & Environment

No, The West Coast Heat Wave Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change

Was last week’s record heatwave in the Pacific Northwest caused by a climate-altering buildup of human greenhouse gases? The once-august Scientific American claimed it was, declaring, “Unprecedented Heat Wave in Pacific Northwest Driven by Climate Change.” Other outlets like the Washington Post echoed this narrative. It’s helpful to remember climate change commentators live by two rules: First, everything...

July 6, 2021