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Budget Reconciliation Abuses Legislative Process to Further Climate Agenda

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Congress is deliberately sidestepping the legislative process enshrined in the Constitution, abusing procedural gimmicks to force the radical climate agenda down the American people’s throats through the budget reconciliation package. The reconciliation bill is loaded with pork-barrel spending and sweeping policy changes that are entirely inappropriate for budget legislation....

October 5, 2021
Energy & Environment

Joe Biden’s Climate Army is Coming

The climate army is coming.  Dissatisfied with the American people’s lack of concern for their issue du jour, self-righteous coastal elites are moving on from slick PR campaigns and headline-grabbing protests to deploy a legion of climate activists across the nation — paid for by your tax dollars, whether you like it or not.   President Joe Biden’s proposed Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) would be the biggest mobilization of government labor since the New Deal, a...

September 9, 2021
Energy & Environment

UN Climate Report Reveals the Crisis Is About Truth, Not Climate

The United Nations’ latest climate change report sparked predictable hyperventilating. You’ve seen the headlines crying, “Code Red for Humanity” and clamoring about “extreme” and “unprecedented” warming likely to be “irreversible” — accompanied by fear-mongering images of raging wildfires and flooded towns. Fortunately, the true state of our climate is far from disastrous. In fact, both climate...

August 19, 2021
Energy & Environment

Garbage In, Garbage Out: What COVID-19 Modeling Can Teach Us About Climate Change

When the novel coronavirus first began to spread, the news was abuzz with predictions of mass infections overwhelming hospitals, and dizzying death tolls. We were told COVID-19 would kill millions in the United States alone, with carnage rivaling post-apocalyptic pandemic blockbusters, and dying patients would be left on the streets. We hoarded toilet paper and canned goods...

August 10, 2021