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New Study: Despite Nonstop Talk Of ‘Making College More Affordable,’ Tuition Continues To Outpace Inflation

Many universities today, stung by growing public criticism of college tuition hyperinflation, have engaged in public relations efforts highlighting their attempts to curb tuition growth. This is understandable. There is only one problem: A new study argues that tuition increases nationwide continue nonetheless to outpace inflation. According to the study, performed by the tech finance outfit, Self, “in...

January 29, 2020
Higher Education

Resistance on the Right: Will Conservatives Ever Come Together on an Article V Convention of the States?

Did you know that the Constitution provides a means for the people, acting through their states, to propose constitutional amendments, without needing any support or participation from the U.S. Congress? Under Article V of the Constitution, if two-thirds of the states approve resolutions calling on Congress to hold an amendments convention, Congress has no choice...

November 7, 2019