Health Care

After Fifth Circuit decision, let’s ditch Obamacare. Empower people’s own medical choices.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Wednesday holding the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate unconstitutional does two things. First, it affirms the argument we’ve been making all along — that despite the promises and assurances all Americans received, Obamacare hurt families by taking away their insurance, taking away their doctors, limiting their choices and...

December 19, 2019
Energy & Environment

The politics of the Polar Vortex – It’s fossil fuels that are keeping Americans warm this week

What the AccuWeather service calls “the coldest weather in years” is gripping the nation, from Wisconsin to Alabama. The temperatures, AccuWeather says, “will put millions of people and animals throughout the Midwestern United States at risk for hypothermia and frostbite to occur in minutes during the final days of January.” The only real defense against...

January 31, 2019