The simple fact is that American families are worse off under President Biden – and the spin can’t hide that.

“All good—” President Joe Biden said about the economy, bristling at a reporter’s question on Christmas Eve. “Take a look. Start reporting it the right way.”

Even Biden’s allies in the media are doing their best to convince Americans of what they know isn’t true—that families are better off in 2024 than they were in 2020. That’s the Achilles Heel of the Biden administration and indeed, the Democrats’ hopes for November. The Democratic Party has put aside kitchen table issues for a basket of woke—condescending to and offending Americans, particularly the Black and Hispanic families that have made up the backbone of the party.

MSNBC, for example, labored manfully to make poll numbers seem not so terrible for the president: “Poll points to improved views on the health of the U.S. economy.” Those “improved views”? Now, a whopping 29% of Americans feel the economy is in recovery.

In the Washington Post, Heather Long wrote that Americans are simply wrong. She claims the U.S. economy has “soared” under President Biden.

“There’s only one appropriate word to describe the U.S. economy in 2023: ‘miracle,’” she wrote. “This doesn’t mean everything was perfect, but it’s important to celebrate the economic equivalent of an underdog athlete winning gold.”

Here’s what that analysis—and the administration—must ignore: The damage has already been done. Decreasing inflation rates are a relief, but prices aren’t going down.

“This is devastating for American families,” the Heritage Foundation’s E.J. Antoni notes. “Compared to when Biden took office, they’re paying 20 percent more for food and 38 percent more for gasoline. It also costs 28 percent more to keep your home warm this winter. And these are the Biden administration’s own figures. People are demonstrably poorer.”

That’s because inflation has a “snowballing” effect on family budgets, CNN added, and that’s especially true because wages don’t keep up with consumer inflation rates.

The simple fact is that American families are worse off under President Biden—and the spin can’t hide that.

Look at Biden’s support among Hispanics; no matter how many times the administration uses the term “Latinx,” it’s losing more and more Hispanics who don’t live in that rarified Ivy League atmosphere of wokeness.

“Former President Trump leads President Biden among Hispanic and young voters, a new survey found,” The Hill reported on New Year’s Day. “Biden earned 34 percent support among Hispanic voters surveyed, compared with Trump’s 39 percent. That marks a large decline since 2020, when Biden earned 65 percent of the demographic group.”

The news gets even worse for President Biden. His support among Black voters has gone from 87% in 2020 to just 63% now. Even young voters are leaving the Democrats.

“In 2020, Biden crushed Trump by 24 points among the group. But the survey found that Trump now leads among voters under 35 with 37 percent support to Biden’s 33 percent,” The Hill noted.

What’s happening here is an escalation of a broader trend; as the Democratic Party gets more and more progressive, it leaves the working families that have traditionally made up its base behind. As my colleague Rafa Bejar noted recently, “The most vocal leaders on the Left want Americans to believe that that the country is still deeply racist. But this message gets very little traction among Texas Hispanics.”

Why? Because what’s important to them is what has always been important to American families: a strong economy, effective schools that teach real skills and knowledge, and the opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

That’s why the Biden administration’s claims about a booming economy feel—and are—hollow. American can see the reality—in their monthly budgets.