The Facts

  • By 2060, water demand in Texas is projected to increase by 22%, while available water supply is expected to decrease by 10%.
  • Texas has abundant groundwater resources: 9 major aquifers and 21 minor aquifers. Total groundwater supplies were approximately 8 million acre-feet in 2010.
  • Total groundwater in Texas aquifers is estimated at 17.1 billion acre-feet.
  • Texas has 99 local groundwater districts covering all or part of 174 counties.



  • Remove legal impediments to the private development of new groundwater supplies and to proper functioning water markets in Texas.
  • Review to what extent existing regulations in local Groundwater Conservation Districts and the desired future conditions proposed by the Regional Groundwater Management Areas may conflict with new SB 332’s and McDaniel’s clear affirmation of the landowner’s real private property right to groundwater in place.