For most Americans, today is an especially great day.

That’s because today, April 12th, is Tax Freedom Day (TFD)-the day when, according to the Tax Foundation, the average American has worked long enough to pay for his or her share of the federal, state, and local tax burden and can finally begin keeping what they earn. This year’s TFD falls on the 102nd day of the year, three days later than it did in 2010.

For those of us here in Texas, our state’s Tax Freedom Day, April 7th, actually fell a bit sooner this year than the U.S. TFD.

Among the other states, Connecticut has the dubious honor of celebrating TFD on the latest date in the Tax Foundation’s study with a date of May 2nd, while Mississippians have the pleasure of celebrating TFD earliest of all the states, with it falling on March 26th.

-James Quintero