With only six weeks of the regular legislative session left, it’s getting crunch time for lawmakers in search of cost-savings and efficiencies. To help remind lawmakers that there are still plenty of opportunities out there to cut spending, here is a quick list of ideas for Articles I, VI, VII, VIII, and X.

General Govt. Related Agencies & Programs

  • Eliminate the Texas Historical Commission-Savings: $22.2 million;
  • Eliminate funding for the Texas Film and Music Marketing program-Savings:$64.2 million;
  • Eliminate GR-Dedicated funding for the Texas Emission Reduction Program-Savings: $246.9 million;
  • Eliminate the System Benefit Fund-Savings: $109.8 million;
  • Eliminate the Skills Development Fund-Savings: $75.2 million;

Consolidate all medical boards into one health care regulatory agency-Savings: $8 million;Eliminate the Healthy Texas program-Savings: $9.95 million;TOTAL: $536.3 million

For details on the recommendations listed above or for more ideas on how to reform the budget as it relates to General Government, please see: Articles of General Government: I, VI, VII, VIII, and X.

-James Quintero