Texans are eager for meaningful, long-lasting pension reform.

A recent poll conducted by Texans for Local Control asked registered voters in Houston to provide their views on pension reform, and an overwhelming majority said they embraced change. Big change.

One of the poll’s biggest findings was that Houstonians widely support transitioning new employees to a defined contribution plan (and away from a system of defined benefits), by margin of 64 percent to 20 percent.

The poll also found broad support for letting Houstonians decide on issuing pension obligation bonds through a public vote. Seventy percent of respondents supported the idea while 20 percent opposed.

With Houstonians clear on these two important reforms—switching from DBs to DCs and voter approval of pension obligation bonds—it’s now up to the Texas Legislature to turn these ideas into action. And if lawmakers can make progress on both fronts, then at least some Texans will get what they want—meaningful and long-lasting pension reform.