A new poll is spotlighting the fact that property taxes in Texas are out of control, and Texans consider lower property taxes a top Legislative priority.

The UT/Texas Tribune poll, conducted Feb. 3-10, 217, asked Texans to identify the Legislature’s top priority and found that lowering property taxes was the overall top choice, getting 20 percent of all respondents. Redesigning the school finance system and holding the line on spending and taxes ranked as a close second and third.

Source: Texas Tribune

The desire to lessen the burden of big government is nothing new. Another UT/Texas Tribune poll taken in 2015 showed that 54 percent of those polled were “dissatisfied with property taxes” and for good reason. Currently Texans pay the sixth highest property tax nationwide and according to Politifact Texas.

The bottom line? Texans yearn for change and are looking to the legislature to deliver.