Constitutional impeachment prevents what the revolution sought to stop — the reign of a ruler with unchecked power.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, recently “teased” the nation — and the media — with details of a bribery scheme involving Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and a foreign national. This occurred after an IRS whistleblower testified he was removed from the Hunter Biden criminal probe following interference by the Justice Department.

Now the Department of Justice has indicted the front-runner of the 2024 Republican nomination, former President Donald Trump, for alleged mishandling of sensitive documents. However, similar conduct regarding both the confidential documents in current President Joe Biden’s garage and Hillary Clinton’s private email server has been ignored or excused.

The response to Grassley — not only from the media but also from the White House and the FBI itself — demonstrates that a full impeachment of President Joe Biden is the only way to bring accountability to the Biden administration.

We can’t rely on law enforcement, at least not the politically compromised FBI. We also can’t rely on the media themselves to seriously question — much less seriously investigate — Biden and his cronies. What’s more, the next election is 17 months away; voters are not in a position to take action, especially when the same federal law enforcement in question has been shown to meddle in our national elections as they did in 2020 by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

To be fair, investigations are hard for the media. After all, they impede a reporter’s Twitter time. But you know what’s easy? Approaching the story of the Biden bribe scheme from an angle of campaign coverage. That’s exactly what the media have done.

For example, a piece from The Hill was fairly typical in its coverage of the accusations and the evidence, claiming that “Grassley doesn’t have much to go on, other than an FD-1023 form from the FBI stating that the unnamed foreign national claimed to have two recorded phone conversations with then-Vice President Biden and 15 recorded phone conversations with Hunter Biden, revealing what the Iowa senator described as an ‘alleged bribery scheme.’”

These attempts from the media to frame recent events around upcoming campaigns obfuscate the truth: This is actually a story about straight-up government corruption. But it won’t be treated that way.

Just as we can’t rely on the media to look into Biden and his corrupt family, neither can we hold out hope for the weaponized Department of Justice and the FBI to act in a fair and impartial manner.

“I’ll tell you what Iowans are telling me, not only about this indictment, but the previous one as well,” Grassley told an Iowa NPR station last week. “They’re concerned about the unequal application of the law.”

As The Federalist recently reported, “If equal legal treatment existed under the current administration, then Hunter Biden would be in jail. Multiple whistleblowers within the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service have charged the DOJ with deliberately slow-walking investigations into the president’s son.”

The article goes on, “It’s no wonder 4 in 5 Americans see a two-tiered justice system.”

Grassley himself knows what this portends for the future of our nation.

“Two standards of justice in this country will turn our constitutional Republic upside down,” he warned. “Thanks to the political infection within the Biden Justice Department and FBI, we’re well along the road for that to happen.”

The Constitution was written for times like this.

The Founding Fathers drafted the document with the intent of creating a “more perfect Union.” This framing was meant to prevent what the revolution sought to stop — the reign of a ruler with unchecked power.

Their solution to such a situation? Impeachment — essentially described by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 65 as “a method of national inquest into the conduct of public men” accused of violating the “public trust.” This was written into the U.S. Constitution as the “in case of emergency break glass” option for Congress.

Impeachment powers cannot be blocked by the FBI or ignored into oblivion by the media. The ruling also only requires a simple majority in the House. Without this kind of objectivity, we won’t know the truth of the Biden family businesses or Burisma; we won’t see the full scope of our Justice Department’s decline into third-world tactics and treachery.

The impeachment process must be enacted to determine whether these scandals warrant the removal of President Biden under Article II, section 4 for “treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”