Conservative governance has transformed the State of Texas into a beacon of economic success and liberty. Proof of concept is everywhere, from the latest jobs report to recent population estimates to strong economic growth indicators to widespread consensus among business leaders about the direction of our state. 

Yet for all the success that Texas enjoys, there is still more work to be done-particularly at the local level.

Local governments in Texas-consisting of cities, counties, school districts, and special districts-have, over the years, witnessed a proliferation of spending, debt, and taxation that threatens to upend the success of the Texas Model. Because of this, the time has come take the same research and free-market principles that have proven successful at the state level to the communities where we live and work by way of the Foundation’s newest venture, the Center for Local Governance (CLG).

CLG will serve as a resource for taxpayers, councilmen, commissioners, and superintendents to lean on for proven, data-driven ideas that will make local government leaner, more effective, and more responsive. CLG is more than just an idea factory however. One of the Center’s primary goals is to educate and engage the public and their elected officials directly, taking the conservative message of low taxes and limited government right to the doorstep of Texans everywhere.

The time is right for conservative reform at the local level, and CLG is excited to take up the mission.