America’s elite institutions of higher education have long remained the home of “woke” ideologies and divisive concepts which most Americans would rebuff. For this tiny fraction of those teaching and being educated at our nation’s elite colleges, the prevailing factors used to describe any type of racial disparities, whether it be in health care, education, income, or life expectancy, were always the same: systemic racism, structural racism, and implicit bias. These ideas all belong to radical ideology known as critical race theory (CRT).

The ideas associated with CRT have spread like a virus to all sectors of public life. In recent years, America’s public higher education institutions have started to adopt such divisive teachings as well. University faculties are adopting pedagogy related to “social justice” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) into their courses. Students at public universities have no choice but to learn this material.

Texans need not look further than their state capital to see the pervasiveness of critical race theory. The University of Texas at Austin, a flagship university of the Lone Star State, continues to promote DEI initiatives. Even the LBJ School of Public Affairs in Austin—which is purported to be one of the nation’s top public policy schools—inculcates its students and faculty with “justice, equity, diversity & inclusion” (JEDI) topics in its core curricula.

The Legal Insurrection Foundation has launched to expose the universities that are indoctrinating students with trainings related to CRT. has examined over 500 higher education institutions in the United States and has documented instances of critical race training. Such trainings teach white students to denounce their whiteness and “recognize their privilege.” For those who claim critical race theory is not taught anywhere except law schools, can show students and parents which institutions are engaging in the practice. accepts school information for institutions that implement CRT trainings for their faculty or students. Through, the Legal Insurrection Foundation is bringing transparency to the erosion of our higher education and will hold accountable the institutions that continue to politicize education. William Jacobson, a law professor at Cornell University, created the database to “empower” students and teachers—especially those who are submitting college applications.

On college campuses nowadays, America’s founding principle of equality for all is not enough. Students and professors now demand equity—meaning an equality of outcome for all—even if one must discriminate against others to achieve equity.

TPPF Distinguished Senior Fellow Carol Swain, Ph.D. is author of the best selling book “Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House.” She founded a company to provide an alternative to DEI training called Unity Training Solutions.