The Liberty Action Agenda is a set of critical reforms that must be made to promote and defend liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise in Texas. To ensure the flourishing of Texans during the next quarter-century, we must work now toward these bold policy proposals that embody the Texas ideal.   

  1. Prohibit taxpayer money from funding lobbyists. 
  2. Pass a Conservative Texas Budget and protect the property taxpayer protections put in place during the 86th Legislative Session. 
  3. Give parents greater control of their child’s education by increasing access to virtual and hybrid options and protecting charter schools from discrimination by municipalities and counties.  
  4. Ensure that Career and Technical Education (CTE) funding is aligned with occupations that are high wage and high demand and increase transparency and accountability in career training programs.  
  5. Make permanent the liberalization of the use of telemedicine.  
  6. Develop a comprehensive model to identify, train, assign, retain, promote, and support police officers. 
  7. Protect the 2nd  Amendment rights of lawful gun owners.  
  8. Empower the Texas Secretary of State to conduct all vote-by-mail operations, count and store vote-by-mail ballots independently of all county systems, and strengthen disability qualifications and verification.
  9. Create an elective course on the founding principles of the United States for Texas secondary education institutions and adopt the Chicago Principles on free speech and debate. 
  10. Prohibit the state from doing business with companies that engage in energy discrimination through politically motivated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. 

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