Recent efforts to ban non-citizen voting in the United States have been met with ridicule and disdain by the Left in coffee shops and classrooms across America. Liberals point out that non-citizen voting is already banned but, while this may be true, those laws only require people to check a box on the federal voter registration form and swear that they are citizens of the United States. In other words, we take their word for it.

Meanwhile, Left-wing non-profit groups continue their tireless efforts to undermine our elections and control our government. The same web of groups that advocate for mailed ballots to every registered voter and spearhead efforts to harvest ballots in the inner cities in swing states are now working together to undermine the integrity of our voter rolls by encouraging non-citizen voting.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project released new information about Resource Center Matamoros, a non-profit advocacy group which lobbies for looser immigration restrictions and helps prepare immigrants to cross the border. Resource Center Matamoros distributes flyers that instruct illegal immigrants in Mexican border towns with a “’Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open,’” referring to their facility in Northeastern Mexico. This is an outrageous example of a left-wing organization not just encouraging non-citizens to vote, but also telling them who to vote for in our elections.

Non-citizen voting in the United States is only possible because of loopholes in the law that left-wing organizations like Resource Center Matamoros fight to support at all costs. In the United States, you don’t have to prove that you are a citizen to register to vote – you just have to say that you are a citizen. But if someone already broke American law by crossing the border, why would they blush at lying on some paperwork to register to vote for candidates that will benefit their economic interests?

History tells us that liberals don’t really believe in open borders. Just a generation ago, they fought to limit legal immigration. President Obama was referred to as “the Deporter-in-chief” due to the mass deportations that occurred during his presidency. What liberals do believe in is winning elections – at all costs, by any means necessary. That is why they fight common sense voter identification laws and fight against cleaning the voter rolls. And that is why they now support open borders, illegal immigration, and non-citizen voting.

Liberals no longer pursue policies that benefit most Americans. To make up for waning support among the young people and minorities that have been their traditional electoral base, the Left now wants to import citizens from other countries to vote for their candidates and to support their policies.

Fortunately, there are solutions being proposed in the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Chip Roy has introduced the SAVE Act, which has been endorsed by President Donald Trump and Speaker Johnson, to require that individuals provide a documented proof of citizenship before being registered to vote. Documented proof of citizenship includes a passport, birth certificate, or some document that proves that a person was either born in the United States or naturalized as a citizen. This bill is an important step to improve the integrity of our elections and ensure that the votes of American citizens are the only votes that count in these decisions.

The United States Congress should close these dangerous loopholes. Far-left groups are already mobilizing to take advantage of the illegal immigration crisis they created to try and keep power forever. Congress must put a stop to it.