A new Axios-Harris poll bolsters the idea that Washington D.C. policymakers and Bidenomics have utterly failed most Americans. Some topline findings:

  • “Republicans, rural residents, renters, women and singles disproportionately feel like they’re in a big fat funk financially…”
  • “Six in 10 surveyed say they’re now ‘triggered’ by trips to the grocery store.”
  • “Grocery purchases are the top way (72%) Americans say they feel inflation in their daily lives. That’s followed by gas prices (56%).”
  • “Two-thirds think food will keep getting more expensive.”
  • “Renters are disproportionately likely to say they’re ‘anxious.’”

These are disastrous findings that speak to the very real hardships plaguing many Americans today. And there doesn’t appear to be much relief on the horizon either.

New data released by Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the Consumer Price Index “increased 0.3% in December and 3.4% from a year ago,” meaning that consumers are still paying prices thanks to bad policy. Moreover, “the biggest bump in expenses occurred with necessities like shelter (6.2 percent), electricity (3.3 percent), and food (2.7 percent), and far surpassed the Federal Reserve’s target inflation rate of just 2 percent in December.

All of this strongly signals a need for the return of sound money, strict discipline, and fiscal stewardship. Without those, I fear everyone will eventually become triggered by trips to the grocery store.