In what is becoming a sad tradition, U.S. District Court Judge Janis Jack again excoriated the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for its failure to turn around the state’s beleaguered foster care system in a recent hearing.

While there have been attempts to fix these failures through legal reforms and billions of dollars, the root of the problem is incompetent leadership and a dysfunctional culture.

Our policy team has two recommendations to address this crisis:

  1. Completely reorganize DFPS with the goal of fundamentally transforming the agency’s management and culture.
  2. Continue decentralizing the Texas foster care system through Community-Based Care.

Right for Families exists to protect and advance the institution of the family because healthy, strong Texas families are essential for a healthy, strong Texas.

Texas has spent billions on fixing foster care but children in state custody are still sleeping in offices. It’s time for a change.

To fix the foster care system, Texas leaders should:

  1. Free local communities to lead in caring for their most vulnerable children.
  2. Attract and retain high-quality foster care providers by eliminating burdensome regulations not related to child safety.
  3. Reduce removals of children into foster care by focusing on family strengthening and preservation.

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