State Representative Trey Martinez-Fischer has a good idea: Hyperlink references to state law(s) in proposed legislation. The legislative tweak would make it easier for curious readers to understand how a bill might change existing law.


More on House Bill 1271:


The bill would amend the Government Code relating to providing links in the online text of proposed legislation to other state laws referenced in that legislation. The bill would require the Texas Legislative Council (TLC) to enhance the Texas Legislature Online Internet website, to the extent feasible, so that a hyperlink to a referenced statute would appear for each cross-reference in a bill as filed, substituted in committee, engrossed, or enrolled by either house of the legislature and into amendments adopted by a committee.


Perhaps best of all, the change could be made “within existing resources,” meaning more information for Texans at no cost. A win-win all around.


The bill is scheduled for a hearing later today