The border crisis has called for record funding to resource Texas courts along the border to ensure that illegal aliens receive proper adjudication and courts can maintain their caseloads. As the increase in illegal immigration persists, local courts will continue to require additional resources, personnel, and funding. This research uncovers what resources have been allocated to local courts, how they have been helpful, and why they are necessary.

Key points:

  • Under U.S. and state law, there is a process by which illegal aliens must undergo upon arrest in Texas.
  • The Border Protection Unit plays a role in the judicial process in Texas for border-related criminal activity.
  • Operation Lone Star has led to a record increase in state funding for border programs and law enforcement, and the need for those additional resources is only going to persist.
  • New state legislation will likely lead to an increase in court cases for Texas local courts, which will require additional funding, personnel, and resources.
  • The Texas Legislature should continue to approve funding that is necessary for the state to stay caught up on prosecuting border-related crime and illegal immigration into the state, as necessary.