Bitter Cold, Bad Policies
What to know: Snow has fallen in Brownsville, Texas, for only the third time since recordkeeping began in 1898. Deaths from cold weather are climbing throughout the country.

The TPPF take: Bad policies, such as the Biden administration killing the Keystone pipeline, are making this natural disaster—and future ones—more deadly.
“The fact is that no grid currently is able to run on renewable energy 24/7,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “What hasn’t worked over the course of decades won’t suddenly work in the next four, or even eight, years. After all, Biden himself admits eliminating fossil fuels is ‘not possible.’ We must return to sensible policies that free American energy producers and American innovators.”
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Houston’s Lobbyists
What to know: Over the past few years, the city of Houston has spent millions to pay in-house lobbyists to “carry out its agenda…” At the Texas Capitol, that agenda has been decidedly pro-Big Government. A few examples of Houston’s in-house lobby work: opposing property tax reform; fighting against government transparency; supporting forced annexation; and working to keep housing costs high.

The TPPF take: Houston’s in-house lobbyists—paid for by taxpayers—are working against the public’s best interests. That’s wrong.
“The city of Houston is paying lobbyists to fight for higher taxes, less liberty, and bigger government. The public is worse off because of Houston’s hawkers,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “City hall has weaponized its constituents’ tax money against them. This anti-Texan activity must stop.”
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National Anthem, National Disunity
What to know: Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban tried to “cancel” the National Anthem at his team’s games “as an experiment.”

The TPPF take: The National Anthem is a powerful symbol of unity. It should bring us together, not divide us.
“Where intersectional wokeness gets it all wrong is in refusing the see the good as well as the bad in our history,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “We can do both; we can acknowledge our nation’s shortcomings, but also recognize that nowhere else, in the history of the world, can someone like Cuban, the son of an automobile upholsterer, create a company like and then sell it for billions.”
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