Woke Distractions

What to Know: The U.S. military is all-in on “diversity, equity and inclusion,” critical race theory and other outbreaks of wokeism. This is especially true in its academies.

The TPPF Take: Diversity isn’t America’s strength. Character is.

“Now, it appears, the things we can’t change—our skin color, our ethnicity, our sex and our socioeconomic status—are what’s truly important. And to challenge this belief is to risk your career,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “The Texas Legislature has a role to play here. Lawmakers can simply prohibit the use of DEI statements in public college and university hiring practices.”

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TikTok Dangers

What to Know: Parents of young children who die or are injured attempting “challenges” on the social media platform TikTok continue to sue the company for its harmful algorithms.

The TPPF Take: TikTok (and other social media companies) are using an outdated federal law to shield themselves from responsibility for the harm they cause.

“Nylah Anderson, 10, died from the Blackout Challenge last December, and her mother sued TikTok in May, alleging that the app repeatedly pushed dangerous content to her daughter,” says TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “Two weeks ago, a federal judge dismissed this lawsuit, declaring that Section 230 shielded TikTok from any liability in Nylah’s death. When companies like TikTok can flout any responsibility when children are dying from content its app is promoting, the status quo is not protecting children the way it should.”

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The Parent Empowerment Election

What to Know: Writing for the Wall Street Journal, parent empowerment advocate Corey DeAngelis says there “may not have been a red wave or a blue wave, but there was a nationwide school-choice wave.”

The TPPF Take: Parent empowerment is the civil rights movement of our time.

“Once parents are empowered with real choices, schools respond with new programs, improved curriculum, and a renewed focus on the quality of the education they are providing students,” says TPPF’s Mandy Drogin. “School choice is the catalyst that encourages everyone to become better and more efficient.”

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