A Clear and Present Danger to Kids

What to know: It’s time to stop the assault on young people’s mental health coming from their smartphones.

The TPPF take: Social media has warped how we view the world. That’s especially true of children.

“We’re checking our phones hundreds of times a day and spending the equivalent of a 40-hour work week on digital devices every week,” says TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “Call it convenience, familiarity, addiction, or anything you like, but since the advent of smartphones, we simply aren’t experiencing reality like we once did.”

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Expensive Activism

What to know: BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment firms, is now admitting its environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a money-losing proposition.

The TPPF take: They’re not wrong. The state of Texas just announced plans to pull over $8.5 billion in investments from BlackRock.

“It’s clear BlackRock is trying to hide and change its language when discussing ESG,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “It’s ironic that BlackRock fears the exact tactics — public backlash, reputation damage, and losing clients — the ESG mob uses to coerce businesses into compliance with its political agenda.”

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The Basics

What to know: A new poll shows that voters want public schools to focus on the basics of reading, writing and math, rather than critical race theory and other political agendas.

The TPPF take: Political agendas have no place in the classroom.

“Public schools are supposed to be places where students are taught to read, write, and do math. But increasingly, leftwing activists have been caught propagandizing kids and pushing an oppressed/oppressor worldview,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “Parents must be vigilant about their child’s education.”

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