A Hardened Target

What to Know: A school district near Uvalde has armed its teachers for years—and the community feels more secure. Parents say they’re grateful.

The TPPF Take: Securing, or “hardening” school campuses, must be part of the response to tragedies such as Uvalde.

“Although President Biden doesn’t believe in hardening schools, most people know that school buildings must be retrofitted so that there are fewer entrances and, as we painfully learned in Uvalde, when outside doors are closed they must lock,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “However, recall how the media ridiculed Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in the aftermath of the Santa Fe school shooting when he said that there were too many open doors into schools.”

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What to Know: Investors are increasingly skeptical of “environmental, social and governance” (ESG) investing goals pushed by activists.

The TPPF Take: ESG investing is a scam.

“That a firm in China that relies on slave labor for key portions of its supply chain has a better social score than an American firm that pays landowners who freely sell them their mineral rights betrays an upside-down ethic where freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore.

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Extra, Just Extra

What to Know: Believe it or not, cities can control what happens outside their boundaries through “extraterritorial jurisdiction” or ETJ rules.

The TPPF Take: Property owners shouldn’t be subject to rules from city councils they can’t vote for.

“It’s not just wrong, it’s unconstitutional,” says TPPF’s Chance Weldon. “And that’s why TPPF is representing property owners in an attempt to enforce the basic Texas constitutional guarantee: that every Texan only be regulated by cities that are by and for the people being regulated.”

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