A Historic Opportunity 

What to Know: In a recent interview, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said he “estimates the state legislature could have almost $30 billion in available state funds when the legislature convenes next year.” The overflow represents a combination of state budget surplus and state savings amassed in the Economic Stabilization Fund.

The TPPF Take: Give that money back to taxpayers.

“The Texas Legislature has a historic opportunity to provide substantial tax relief to all Texans. The need for real relief is great too. Thanks to Washington D.C.’s reckless fiscal path and easy money environment, Texans are paying more for food, gas, and rent. It’s been a nightmare for families and the low-income. People need a helping hand, and the state legislature is in a position to give it,” says TPPF’s James Quintero.

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Mixed Messages

What to Know: The Biden administration is now demanding that fossil fuels companies—whose very existence he has pledged to end—step up and solve the energy crisis he created.

The TPPF Take: Rising gas prices aren’t caused by sudden-onset fossil fuels companies’ greed, nor even by the war in Ukraine.

“Biden’s radical climate policies had already done much of the damage,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The solution to our energy problems, war or no, lies right here on and just off our shores, if the Biden administration will get out of the way and let American energy producers flourish.”

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What to Know: The U.S. Supreme Court handed families a victory in a decision handed down on Tuesday.

The TPPF Take: School choice funds students, not schools.

“The Supreme Court provided a massive win for religious freedom on Tuesday, ruling that Maine cannot discriminate against religious schools when it provides money to parents for children to attend private schools,” says TPPF’s Christian Townsend. “This is just the latest win for empowering parents—and not the state—to decide the type of education that their children will receive.”

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