A Safer Texas

What to know: Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bail reform bill that will make Texans safer.

The TPPF take: Texans deserve a bail system based on risk, not riches.

“The Damon Allen Act was named in memory of a state trooper who was murdered by an individual out on bond in 2017,” says TPPF’s Brett Tolman. “The Damon Allen Act will be a first step in reforming Texas’ broken pretrial system and is critical to the protection of our communities.”

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They’re Watching!

What to know: The Austin Journal featured a writeup of TPPF’s livestream event with Congressman Chip Roy last week.

The TPPF take: “You are funding the bureaucrats that are undermining your liberty right now,” the Congressman warned.

“We’ve got a president of the United States right now who is disregarding the constitutional barriers placed on the president, placed on Washington to not overstep its bounds,” Congressman Roy said, then cited the vaccine mandate: “He does not have that power. There is no such power. It is, in fact, unconstitutional.”

To view the livestream event, click here.

A Second Chance

What to know: TPPF’s Chuck DeVore appeared on Fox News on Monday to talk about why Californians are fleeing to Texas, and the Golden State’s recall election.

The TPPF take: In the closing days of that election, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned his state “Don’t let California become Texas.”

“Californians should be so lucky as to have at least half of Texas’ policies, when it comes to taxation and regulation,” Chuck said. “Californians are voting with their feet, and I was one of them.”

To watch Chuck appearance on Fox News, click here.