Backing the Blue—Finally

What to know: A number of cities, ranging from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas, are backtracking on their “defund the police” movements and desperately trying to refill their ranks amid spiking crime rates.

The TPPF take: Cities that have long disrespected their police will find it difficult to find replacements.

“With police increasingly seeing their profession under assault while politicians seek to appease protesters, law enforcement retirements and resignations have surged,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “From April 2020 to March of this year, retirements increased 45 percent from the prior 12-month period with resignations up 18 percent. Hence, even if some cities wanted to maintain or increase their police force, they may have to find even greater numbers of new recruits to make up for the loss of veteran officers.”

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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

What to know: Police in California found hundreds of stolen mail-in ballots in a car—along with drugs and a gun.

The TPPF take: U.S. Congressman Chip Roy recently documented the need for election integrity reforms.

“Voter fraud is real and failure of the states to better secure future elections will only serve to undermine public confidence in the ballot box, which is a cornerstone of representative government,” Roy wrote.

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Well, It’s True

What to know: A record number of Americans—56%—said they felt better off under the Trump economy, as the former president pointed out last week (to the consternation of the media).

The TPPF take: Americans were better off, pre-pandemic—yet the progressive in power now seek to undermine prosperity for the long-term.

“This economic agenda is designed with one goal in mind—to remake America and the principles upon which our Nation was founded,” says Brooke Rollins, former President of TPPF who now leads the America First Policy Institute. “These policies threaten American prosperity, small businesses, the economic health of every American family, and our standing in the world.”

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