Border Blunder

What to Know: The Biden Administration keeps falsely asserting the southern border is secure.

The TPPF Take: It’s not, but Texas is stepping in to do the federal government’s job.

“Governor Abbott’s latest Executive Order will make Operation Lone Star more effective and improve the deterrent for illegal crossing,” says TPPF’s Rodney Scott. “Intercepting migrants crossing between ports of entry will reduce the mounting ‘gotaway’ problem which has seen thousands of dangerous criminals and likely scores of individuals on the FBI’s Terrorism Watchlist evade apprehension and disperse into the interior of the country. It also shifts the focus back to President Biden’s pitiful lack of border security policy and puts the problem right at the administration’s doorstep.”

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A Constitutional Emergency

What to Know: Biden hasn’t yet declared a ‘climate emergency’ but is threatening that action.

The TPPF Take: If he does, the regulations he imposes would likely be unconstitutional.

“The powers Biden is considering invoking are considerable, though none of them were intended by Congress to do what administration is preparing to do,” says TPPF’s Chuck Devore.

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Make it Rein In

What to Know: Austin’s new budget proposal includes a $500 million revenue increase and a property tax hike.

The TPPF Take: Austin, like most major cities and counties in Texas, has a spending problem.

“Over the last decade, local government budgets in the city of Austin and in Travis County increased faster than the average taxpayer’s ability to pay for them as measured by the rate of population growth plus inflation,” says TPPF’s Vance Ginn. “Families, employers, employees, and job seekers have paid a price for this unnecessary growth of government. A Responsible Local Budget would promote efficiency and prudence with taxpayer money, resulting in less need for government to collect additional taxes and fees, while funding critical government provisions.”

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