But Can They Spell “Woke”?

What to know: The head of the Los Angeles teachers union says parents shouldn’t worry about education their kids missed out on due to the pandemic. “It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables … They know the words insurrection and coup.”

The TPPF take: Woke is better than well-educated? Not for our kids.

“School choice is the civil rights movement of our time,” says TPPF’s Richard Johnson. “Few things matter more to parents than ensuring their children have a high-quality education that equips them with the tools and experiences necessary to succeed. It is time for Texas to give poor and working class families the assistance they need to send their children to the school of their choice.”

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We All Agree!

What to know: Democrats change their minds and support school choice strongly—when the question of mask mandates (or lack thereof) are factored in.

The TPPF take: School choice is a unifying issue.

“Strong Democratic support for more choice in education has become a thorn in the side of America’s largest teachers union, which has opposed parental choice in education for decades,” says Shay Hawkins, in a guest op-ed for The Cannon Online. “But as parents are now realizing, a one-size fits all education program fails to fit all. The innovative ways in which children are being taught in charter schools (which remain public schools) is proving successful—and popular with parents.”

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Not a Bright Idea

What to know: California has made solar and battery storage mandatory for all new commercial buildings.

The TPPF take: Solar mandates end up costing the consumer.

“Solar power is great for those who freely make the decision to use it,” says TPPF’s Ilanit Turner. “The inconvenient truth, however, is that California is leveraging government intervention and crony corporatism to impose hefty green energy costs on construction that will find its way onto the bills of rent-paying tenants and final-consumers downstream.”

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