Can’t We Just Start with the ABCs?

What to know: The CDC is urging public school teachers and administrators to adopt LGBTQ+ curricula to support students who believe they are transgender.

The TPPF take: “Supporting” confused and traumatized children as an “ally” is a disservice to them.

“I have yet to see a single (gender dysphoria) patient who doesn’t have deep seated trauma, who isn’t afraid of proceeding in life the way things are now,” pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Quentin Van Meter said in an interview with The Daily Cannon. “That’s what this is about: trauma. To ignore that, to put a Band-Aid over that gigantic volcano is folly. The monster is still waiting down there.”

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Short-Term Rentals

What to know: Kemah’s mayor is laughing off a Texas Supreme Court ruling that protects short-term rentals such as those AirBnB offers. He’s now being taken to court by property owners.

The TPPF take: NIMBY mayors like Kemah’s don’t like it, but the Constitution protects a property owner’s rights.

“Texas courts themselves have plainly stated: ‘[t]he right of individuals to use their own property as they wish remains one of the most fundamental rights that individual property owners possess,’” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “That’s why TPPF took the city of Austin to court over its ordinances on short-term rentals. And also why we’re keeping an eye on Kemah.”

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What to know: Another record at the border has been broken: There were nearly 314,000 apprehensions and “gotaways” (migrants who evaded authorities) in December.

The TPPF take: More than 2.76 million immigrants entered the U.S. illegally last fiscal year.

“Does this all time, historic, record-breaking number surprise you? It shouldn’t,” says TPPF’s Rodney Scott. “While campaigning in Iowa in 2019, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden told the world that he thought the U.S could easily assimilate two million or more new immigrants. He also told the world that if elected president, he would relax border security and create a more welcoming environment.”

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