CCP Infiltration

What to know: More Chinese nationals illegally entered the U.S. in two days this month than in all of 2021.

The TPPF take: This phenomenon not only underscores a significant breach in national security, but also facilitates greater infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the United States.

“The U.S. must reevaluate its immigration policies to ensure they reflect the complex realities of modern geopolitical conflicts and threats,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “The weaponization of migration as a tactic by state actors like China must be recognized and countered with strong, decisive policy actions that secure the borders and, by extension, the nation.”

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Save Women’s Sports

What to know: The Texas Office of the Attorney General, alongside Governor Abbott, has filed a motion to halt enforcement of the Biden administration’s Title IX rewrite, which would add “gender identity” as a protected class.

The TPPF take: Title IX gave rise to women’s sports in America and is protecting women athletes now. The Governor and the Attorney General are fighting to make sure the feds don’t screw that up.

“The purpose of Title IX is to ensure women have the same rights and opportunities as men to go to school, compete in athletics, obtain financial assistance, and other measures,” says TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar. “This rule flips the entire law on its head, allowing men to take those opportunities away, invade women’s private spaces, and receive preferential treatment. It will result in greater intimidation, harassment, and sexual assault of women.”

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Administrative Bloat

What to know: Northwest ISD is facing a $14 million budget deficit in its 2024-2025 budget, and is considering placing a measure on the November 5th ballot to increase the district’s property tax rate.

The TPPF take: Texas spent a state record $92.4 billion on public education in the 2022-23 school year. Taxpayers should treat ISDs with suspicion when they plead poverty.

“The educational establishment’s current priority is creating a guaranteed jobs program for school administrators,” says TPPF’s Jorge Borrego. “If education elites cannot dedicate a dime of their new funds to teacher pay raises, then where is that money going?”

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