Climate Change Flop

What to know: The U.S. has blown $100 billion so far trying the impossible: stop the climate from changing. The result? Less reliable and more expensive electricity.

The TPPF take: President Biden has doubled down on his climate goals, pledging to cut emissions in half by the end of the decade.

“Biden’s ambitious climate fantasy is doomed to fail—not only failing to reach his emissions target but also failing utterly to have the slightest effect on climate change,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “The best solution for preserving the natural beauty of our nation, contrary to the president’s pontificating, is to fully embrace domestically produced energy. Long-term environmental quality is a product not of big-government mandates, but of freedom and economic prosperity.”

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Root Causes

What to know: As the crime rate in Jackson, Mississippi continues to skyrocket, capitol police are being forced to expand the area they patrol. In 2021, the murder rate in Jackson was 14 times the national average.

The TPPF take: Mississippi must address the root causes of crime.

“With more than 95% of incarcerated individuals eventually released, creating a plan at the beginning of a person’s sentence allows the prison system to address the root causes and rehabilitate the criminal behavior,” says TPPF’s Scott Peyton. “The road to successful reentry starts the moment an individual enters the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) and should seamlessly continue through the end of their parole or probation.”

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They’re Ours

What to know: On Fox News recently, Karol Markowitz warns that children don’t belong to schools, but that parents had better be ready to fight for their children.

The TPPF take: Parents must remain vigilant, and protect their children’s innocence.

“My confidence in public schools to be a safe place for kids to learn was shattered last August when I read quotes from a sexually graphic book displayed in the library at Belton Middle School,” says parent Hillary Hickman, writing for The Cannon Online. “Since that day I have discovered over 100 sexually explicit and age-inappropriate books in every secondary school library of Belton ISD. These books contain narratives and graphics that normalize child sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, drug abuse and suicide.”

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