C’mon, Man!

What to Know: Biden is hoping to distract Americans from the country’s economic problems with a “climate crisis.”

The TPPF Take: President Biden’s executive action on climate fails every test: the science and the law.

“According to the government’s own National Climate Assessment, the frequency and strength of heat waves in the U.S. has actually decreased over the past century,” says Life:Powered’s Jason Isaac. “Weather isn’t climate, and a few hot days doesn’t justify an ‘emergency.’ If it makes the president uncomfortable, he should pour himself a large sweet tea and hit the pool.”

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Happy Anniversary, Bidenflation!

What to Know: One year ago, Biden predicted inflation would be ‘temporary.’

The TPPF Take: How long this crisis continues is anyone’s guess

“Washington officialdom suffers from a leadership deficit, a love of central planning, an addiction to easy money policy, and a passion for spending other people’s money, all of which are perpetuating the problem,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “We need big changes—like a restoration of the free-market, federalism, and sound money—if we’re ever really going to get a handle on things, and ease the minds of Americans everywhere.”

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Stopping Election Shenanigans

What to Know: A court has ruled that the use of ballot drop boxes was illegal.

The TPPF Take: The reforms Texas made in 2021 to improve election integrity, like preventing cities from changing the rules right before an election to include drop boxes, are working.

“Calls from the left and the media to repeal the updated rules are predictable, but defy the data,” says TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester. “Texas’ election reforms strengthen protections for every ballot and improve confidence in election results. It’s a better system that clearly works.”

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