Come and Take Them

What to know: New York has become the first state to ban gas stoves (along with gas furnaces).

The TPPF take: Natural gas is so inexpensive that gas ranges cost less than half as much to operate as an electric range.

“In addition to the higher costs of operation, the lowest-priced 30-inch induction stove lists at Home Depot for $1,198 compared to a 30-inch gas range at $528,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “Of course, we all know how this will play out. Should gas ranges be banned in new homes, it will only be a matter of time before gas appliances become hard to find, and then when your old reliable gas range finally gives up the ghost, it will be impossible to replace it.”

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Rocking the Classics

What to know: Repairing the U.S. education system will require a restoration of the liberal arts—and the classical approach to learning, a new book contends.

The TPPF take: Classical education is enjoying a real revival in the U.S.

“Classical education, whether in a private Christian school or a public charter school setting, emphasizes the cultivation of the whole child—mind, heart, and soul,” says TPPF’s Erin Valdez. “This undertaking measures its success not by test scores (though classically educated students tend to do very well by standardized measures), but by the thriving lives led by graduates.”

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ESG in the Sunshine State

What to know: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed legislation that will rein in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing with public funds.

The TPPF take: ESG is a scam—and in direct conflict with the free-market principles that have made the U.S. successful.

“The ESG movement typically targets industries deemed politically incorrect, including fossil fuel exploration and production, as well as firearm manufacturing and selling,” says TPPF’s Greg Sindelar. “ESG policies can also lead to criminal collusion between investment firms—which are supposed to be competitors.”

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