Crisis at the Border

What to know: Some Republican senators now say that before any deal on immigration can be reached, the crisis at the border must be controlled.

The TPPF take: Texas need not wait on either the Biden administration or a congressional deal on immigration.

“We can build more wall ourselves,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “That would be an appropriate use of the stimulus funding, even though Democrats earmarked much of it and attached rules that are intended to force Texas and other conservative states to adopt more liberal policies (the funds can’t be used to cut taxes, for example). But Texas need not play along. We can use the stimulus money in a way that will truly help Texans, by securing the border.”

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More Options

What to know: An important bill will be up before the House Public Education Committee today, which would clarify that school districts are allowed to provide transportation to students from out of district who enroll.

The TPPF take: The bill is HB 3129.

“Transportation can cause additional barriers to students who wish to consider transferring schools or districts,” says TPPF’s Emily Sass. “For families who have limited or perhaps unsafe means of transportation, a few miles can become a significant barrier. The state can provide waivers in some cases, but we need a simple fix that clarifies that districts can provide transportation outside their boundaries to students who transfer in.”

For more on school district boundaries, watch this recent livestream event.

How to Help

What to know: The unemployment rate in Texas climbed in February, after months of declines.

The TPPF take: Government can help struggling Texas families, but the help must be the right kind.

“History shows that our poorly designed welfare system traps too many people in poverty or near-poverty,” says TPPF’s Vance Ginn. “Economists like me will tell you that people respond to incentives, and the welfare system disincentivizes self-sufficiency. So, the best response is to unleash opportunities for people to prosper. We can reverse those incentives and show our fellow Texans that they can achieve their American dream.”

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