Border Crisis

What to know: Texas landowners are sounding the alarm over illegal immigration, which is driving crime in border counties.

The TPPF take: Texas is stepping up, just as the Biden administration stands down.

“We must stop the criminal actions at our border,” says TPPF’s Kevin Roberts. “Any deterrence on illegal immigration—a border wall, detention and return, criminal prosecution, the real threat of failure to cross—will save lives. And that’s what our focus must be: preserving life, liberty, and the Rule of Law.”

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Another Lie

What to know: A Virginia gubernatorial candidate is repeating the lie that “it’s easier to buy a gun than it is to vote.”

The TPPF take: Sound familiar? Expect more of the same, especially as the Texas Legislature works to reform elections in the Lone Star State.

“The script is written,” says TPPF’s Chad Ennis. “The script that liberals will follow over the next few weeks has been carefully crafted to mislead Texas on these two points: They’ll contend that election reform is racist voter suppression, and that walking out is a legitimate tool for getting their way. Texans know better.”

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Going to Texas

What to know: For California companies looking to exit the Golden State, Texas remains the top choice for a new headquarters.

The TPPF take: Can’t blame them.

“The reason is simple: California’s high taxes, heavy regulatory burden, and terrible lawsuit climate have conspired to make the state among the costliest in the nation,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “People can’t afford to live there. Plus, as the epicenter of cancel culture, many non-woke Californians are growing weary of self-censoring, elsewise damaging their careers.”

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