Ding Dong!

What to know: Legislators successfully killed a program that subsidized unreliable renewable energy (among other things) with taxpayer money. The law allowing Chapter 313 tax breaks will sunset in 2022.

The TPPF take: These tax breaks are costly and unnecessary.

“At best, these incentives do not work; at worst, they can be harmful,” says TPPF’s Carine Martinez. “If the problem is that property taxes in Texas are too high, then they are too high for everyone and this is the problem we should fix instead of giving tax breaks to a select few businesses.”

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The Wins are Stacking Up

What to know: The House has given preliminary passage to SB 14, a bill that would prevent cities and counties from unilaterally enacting employment restrictions (such as mandated benefits).

The TPPF take: This is an important measure to ensure future prosperity for Texas.

“If this bill ultimately prevails, it will bring uniformity to employment regulations, spur job creation and investment, and slow the California-zation of Texas local governments,” says TPPF’s James Quintero.

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Spending Our Money Wisely

What to know: The Senate has passed HB 1516, a bill that will require an efficiency audit of the Texas Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

The TPPF take: TANF is a federal program administered by the states. Unfortunately, it’s too often administered in an ineffective fashion across the country.

“Assistance isn’t assistance if it’s not reaching the families in need; nor is it help if it doesn’t achieve the goals set out for the program,” says state Rep. Tan Parker, writing for The Cannon Online. “We can do better, and it begins by ensuring we are spending TANF money properly. That can only be done with a third-party efficiency audit.”

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