Dirty Tricks

What to Know: China attempted to create a network of spies within the Federal Reserve, a new investigation finds.

The TPPF Take: China could have done untold damage within our central banking system.

“Given this and the Fed’s move to ‘woke’ policies, there’s more reason than ever to audit the Fed and have rules-based monetary policy,” says TPPF’s Vance Ginn. “That’s if we have a Fed at all.”

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Antisocial Media

What to Know: A proposal to ban social media accounts for minors is getting a lot of attention.

The TPPF Take: There are countless tragic stories about the destructive harms of social media.

“Texas should be the national leader on the issue of child online safety by taking the bold step of banning social media use by minors,” says TPPF’s Zach Whiting. “States place age-restrictions on numerous behaviors, such as driving, voting, smoking, drinking, and entering into a valid contract, among other things. This proposal would recognize social media as a prohibited harm to minors.”

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School Safety

What to Know: Following the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, more and more Texas school districts are looking into the school marshals program.

The TPPF Take: Our school districts should use all the tools available to them to ensure their students’ safety.

“School marshals, who are specifically chosen and appointed by the school board, undergo a rigorous 80 hours of law enforcement training at a police academy along with psychological evaluations, live fire qualifications, and school shooting simulations,” says state Rep. Jared Patterson, in a piece for The Cannon Online. “These individuals are equipped to serve as school security personnel and act swiftly when lives are threatened.”

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