Don’t Believe Your Own Eyes

What to Know: Politifact says that no, the Biden administration and its allies in the media haven’t changed the definition of “recession.”

The TPPF Take: You shouldn’t believe your eyes, your bigger bills, or your dwindling savings account—the economy is actually fine—according to the Biden administration.

“The Biden administration is already flagging in polls, and an official declaration of recession would be a confirmation of what most Americans are already feeling—a complete and total lack of confidence in the Biden administration’s ability to lead America,” says TPPF’s Austin Prochko. “This is the truth that must be remembered amidst the deluge of people and organizations trumpeting that idea that recession is either not what we think it is or not as bad as we think it is.”

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Local Governments Can Help

What to Know: It’s budget season for Texas cities, counties and school districts.

The TPPF Take: Cities, counties and school boards can help Americans facing recession by cutting their own taxes and spending.

“More than ever, the public needs to have confidence that their local governments are effective and efficient,” says TPPF’s James Quintero. “With the U.S. economy is recession and protracted economic pain possible, now is the time for local officials to act decisively on behalf of Texas taxpayers everywhere.”

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The Real Emergency

What to Know: Climate activists are demanding that the White House declare a “climate emergency.”

The TPPF Take: The self-imposed energy crisis, not the climate, is the real emergency here.

“This year, Americans will pay $5,200 more than last year to cover rising prices of gas, electricity, and everyday items,” says TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “That’s what matters.”

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